AI driven cloud contact center

Vion is partnered with Bright Pattern - the leading AI enabled omni-channel cloud contact center technology. Bright Pattern allows your business to engage with customers across all channels and effortlessly switch between channels without losing the context of the conversation.

Cloud-based call center software

Bright Pattern’s call center software is cloud-based and gives you all the functionality you want in your contact center software at a fraction of the cost of an on-premises solution.

All the channels you need, like text, email, voice, social media, video, live chat, or web chat, can be added easily at your pace with no downtime. With Bright Pattern’s call center software, you can get all the functionality you need at a fraction of the cost.

CC as a service

Helps you get state-of-the-art contact center software platform on a "pay per use" model. Thereby delivering contact center as a service.


Add communication channels on the fly. No down-times, no upgrades. Just add and use as per your campaign requirements, whenever needed.

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Bp - CCaaS

Omni-channel cloud contact center

Give your customers a seamless, context-rich, and personalized customer experience. Track the customer’s journey from the beginning to the end with the advanced features of Bright Pattern’s powerful call center solution. The platform provides a call center as a service on a pay per use model with unparalleled up-times and business flexibility.

Key Features


True omni-channel

Bright Pattern’s call center software supports seamless conversations across all channels, all-in-one, easy-to-use, unified Agent Desktop. Our true omnichannel capabilities ensure that your customers receive personalized customer service on any channel they use.

Cloud based SaaS

Based on the cloud, Bright Pattern’s call center software provides all of the powerful technology your contact center needs.

Data security

Bright Pattern’s call center software is also HIPAA, PCI, TCPA, and GDPR compliant, utilizing comprehensive, advanced security features to protect all sensitive customer information.

CRM integrations

We also integrate with major CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.


All of the perks, provided at an affordable, pay-per-use price.
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VION Consulting is one of the fastest growing SIs, focused on cloud based Customer Experience technologies and services.

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