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Conversational AI as a Service, formerly known as, is the leading conversational AI platform providing a unique new way of creating a customer experience differentiator across customer facing enterprises. VION in collaboration with Skit, is powering CX automations across multiple interaction flows.

Transforming CX with Voice AI is powering voice based automations using intelligent voice bots across customer service intensive operations across Banking, Insurance, NBFC enterprises, F&B chains, Utility Service Providers.

Natural Conversations's voice bot (VIVA) uses a unique conversation design framework to decipher the customer's intent during any interaction. Basis that, the call flow is steered.


A very critical driving force for better CX is personalization.'s bot framework dynamically creates customized conversations for each customer.

Multi-lingual's platform supports 10 languages, 160+ dialects.

Salient Features

*'s platform provides 24x7x365 voice bot capabilities. So your enterprise never sleeps.
* Serve your customers in the local language across 10+ language capabilties
* Endear customers with the local dialects as well.
* is helping organisations score high NPS / CSAT numbers, implying improving customer relations.
* Being entirely on the cloud, the platform helps do a significant reduction in costs.
* Highly scalable platform handling 1000s of calls.

About VION

VION Consulting is one of the fastest growing SIs, focused on cloud based Customer Experience technologies and services.

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