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We empower our clients to deliver those experiences. We have a laser focus on identifying technologies that help drive smoother interactions, faster responses, accurate insights and deliver all of these through "zero trust" based enterprise security cover.

Interaction Technologies 
Customer Interaction technologies are the frontline tools and the most visible drivers of Customer Experience across enterprises.

Automation Technologies
Speed and responsiveness are also critical factors driving Customer Experience, where Automation technologies play a vital role.

Security & Compliance Technologies
As businesses go online, enterprise security is a critical priority for technology leaders globally, so is regulatory compliances.

Customer Interaction Technologies

At VION, we are partnered with some of the leading players in the Customer Interaction and Customer Experience technologies, all of which have one thing in common, they are natively cloud architected, are inherently scalable on demand, secure and deliver unbeatable uptimes to ensure that your enterprise is always there to deliver the best CX. 
CCaaS Bright Pattern
Bright Pattern - CCaaS

Leading AI enabled omni-channel cloud contact center technology, with a wide array of out-of-the-box integrations.

CCaaS Talkdesk
Talkdesk - CCaaS

Gartner Quadrant leader in the Cloud Contact Center space, with the best unified agent desktop interface.

Ujet CCaaS
Ujet - Unified CX

Ujet is a cutting-edge CCaaS platform built for the Smartphone Era, with a CRM 1st design approach.

Business Process Automation

Intelligent and automated business processes are the backbone of any customer facing journey in any enterprise today. Customers today are not only looking for crisper interactions, but want faster and more effective responses, tighter turn-around times and a good degree of self-service when it comes to getting their service requests fulfilled.
BPM Autonom8
Autonom8 - BPMN Platform

An end-to-end customer journey automation platform with a powerful WYSIWYG low-code, visual editor to automate any enterprise process.

CRM Freshworks
Freshworks - CRM Suite

World's leading CRM suite with a host of functions for automating sales, service desk, ITSM across multiple interaction channels.

CRM Freshworks
Skit - Conversational AI

Formerly known as, is a leading speech based conversational bot powering  intelligent customer self-service. 

Security and Compliance Technologies

With increasing number of businesses going online and a vast majority of operations being performed remotely, enterprises are faced with unprecedented levels of cyber-risks and the same is evident in increasing attacks and damages. Another critical component for online businesses is compliance and identification to ensure that services are being rendered to the right person and in a manner that is within regulatory frameworks. VION partners with the leading technologies in the mentioned functional areas.
Security Accops

Accops provides Zero Trust based secure and seamless access to applications, data and desktop environment from anywhere.

Compliance Verint

Leader in compliance technologies involving voice and screen recording with Microsoft Teams integrated session recording.

Reg Tech EID
Electronic ID

Proprietary individual identification and authentication solutions from live streaming video feed or images, for online KYC processes.

On-premise Solutions

At VION we differentiate from our cloud 1st strategy for solutions, for 2 of the leading technologies in communications.


Best of breed call center solution

Aspect’s Contact Management suite of contact centre software applications support both automated and live inbound and outbound communications in India and throughout the world, across voice, SMS, email, chat, social, and mobile interactions.

XOP Networks

Emergency Conferencing Systems

XOP Networks is one of the leading providers of on-premise, secure and private conferencing systems for enterprises, industrial sites or public utility spaces like airport terminals.

XOP's Ringdown Firebar Conferencing Server (RFCS) is a state-of-the-art conferencing system which is highly scalable, reliable, robust and guarantees fast and failure-proof communication across all stake holders and response teams.

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