Ujet CCaaS

CRM 1st CCaaS platform

Ujet is a unique CCaaS Platform, which helps drive a unified CX with a CRM 1st approach and specifically built for the Smart Phone era of customer service.
With in-built AI that powers requisite automation to drive process efficiencies, Ujet is one of the leanest and smartest CCaaS platform around. 

Driving Unified CX

UJET delivers unified CX for the Smartphone era, purpose built for today’s CRM, providing top-level security and compliance.   

Single Source of Data

Ujet is unique in that it lays focus on only the interaction piece and allows the data to be held in the enterprise CRMs or ERPs.

Embedded Experience

Most of the customer interactions are today conducted by people on the move. Hence they need a CX platform that drives right out of their mobile phones or hand held devices.


Ujet comes with a host of automation and journey orchestration capabilities to make the customer interaction smarter and more relevant.

Purpose-built for the CRM

  • Real time Data Exchange - real time insights and contextual awareness
  • Automated Recent Updates - reduce AHT and ACW
  • All data in the CRM - maintain a holistic customer view
  • No PII Stored - provides for unmatched privacy protection
Ujet CRM

Embedded Experience

  • In-app and Mobile Support - enable channel blending and a unified customer journey
  • Communicate Visually and Contextually - share photos, videos and screenshots
  • Smartphone biometrics and PIN Security - fast and familiar user authentication
  • Secure Payments - Initiate PCI compliant payment processes
Ujet Mobile

Intelligence and Automation

  • Predictive Routing - Query backend systems to predict intent and intelligently route calls to appropriate agents
  • Virtual agents - AI-powered conversational CX for 24/7 self-service
  • Automatic Ticket Management - reduce ACW by automating backend agent tasks
  • Journey orchestration - seamlessly blend channels to provide agents with deep interaction context
Ujet Automation

Ultra-modern Enterprise Cloud

  • Global Scale - support for the world's largest contact centers
  • Privacy-by-design - addresses complex global data residency and compliance requirements
  • Multi provider voice resiliency - local voice at global scale with best quality routing
  • Compliances - PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC, ISO 27001, 27018 
Ujet Cloud
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