XOP Networks

Secure & private emergency conferencing

Enterprises, industrial hubs, plants, public utility organizations are increasingly opting for an on-premise conferencing system that is secure and private. No external intrusions, no leakages and completely within enterprise networks.

Why XOP Networks?

XOP's Ringdown Firebar Conferencing Server (RFCS) is a state-of-the-art conferencing system which is highly scalable, reliable, robust and guarantees fast and failure-proof communication across all stake holders and response teams.

Speed of Response

XOP's conferencing solutions enable concurrent communications across any available telephony trunk - SIP, PRI, GSM, etc. Thereby ensuring swift responses during any situation, including emergencies.

Secure & Private

Internal communications of any corporation must always remain internal. XOP's platform is completely on-premise, and self-contained without any dependencies on a public Internet. Hence providing fool-proof security & privacy for all corporate communications.

Unified Conferencing

Audio, video and web conferencing, Automatic and Manual Ringdown and Hoot Circuits for Financial sector corporations, Mass Notification, Firebar Conferencing, Crash Phone Systems. XOP covers all forms of conferencing requirements.
XOP NEtworks

Single-chassis emergency communications

The XOP platforms are based on robust Cisco Router based chassis and Cisco Server module on a single box, which can then connect to all emergency platforms and also connect to the external world over all possible PSTN channels.

Mission Critical Features

* Meets and exceeds all requirements as specified in FAA (AFI 13-204V3).

* Based on robust Cisco router hardware

* Can operate as standalone or interface with on-site PBX/IP PBX

* Support regular 2500 phone sets and VoIP SIP phones

* Internet appliance – accessible from any browser

* Real time view of running conference

* Display status of individual lines on the Master Stations. Multiple Master Station phones.

* Unlimited number of dynamic dial-out Firebar conferences

* Automatic recurring daily test calls

* Automatic conference recordings (configurable)

* Built in test port for network testing and troubleshooting

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