On-demand customer service

Vion enables the best in on-demand customer service, in partnership with the global leader in the domain - Zappix. We can help you devise best in class customer engagement using Visual IVR - deliver the rich user experience of a mobile app without any installations, zero foot print on the user's mobile, no store hassles. Its gives you the best of voice + visual experience.

Self-service for the smartphone

Across industries, customer services are increasingly moving towards self-service routines, whether it is by using chat bots, IVR routines, etc. But all of them have limitations, which are putting off customers from using these services.

Visual IVR is the most effective self-service mechanism, because it combines the ease of of a voice call - just dial in! to the visual treat of a rich user experience without installing anything on your phone.

Visual treat

The modern, smartphone using consumer is used to "seeing" and interacting. But having mobile apps for every service is a pain. Visual IVR delivers all the visual treat minus the app.

Faster responses

Self-service routines if smartly designed, aid faster resolutions leading to happier customers. 

Reduced loads

Agents will face lowered call loads, as only the most critical calls will be landing with the agents. Majority of common, simple calls will be deflected out to the self-service Visual IVR routines.
Zappix Visual IVR

Voice call + Visual IVR = customer affinity

Zappix Visual IVR is a revolutionary digital & visual self-service tool enabling customers to swiftly resolve their customer service needs by themselves, wherever they are, and without getting lost in complex voice IVR menu trees or talking to a Call Center Representative (CSR).

Your business will enjoy improved customer satisfaction, less agent burnout and reduced costs.

Business Benefits


Drive NPS

Zappix Visual IVR experiences earn an average NPS over 82 thanks to fast solutions and user-friendly interfaces.

Call containment

Deflect more calls away from contact centers and customer service representatives with increased call containment rates.

Cost savings

Automated Visual IVR interactions get more successful resolutions while reducing your contact center budget.

Reduced AHTs

Your customers help solve customer service issues and decrease average handle time (AHT) with smart self-service.
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