Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

The average damages from every breach globally today is around $3.86M, let alone the fact almost 75% - 80% customers dump a brand that suffers a breach. Secure your network, applications, data, devices using our ZTNA Model.

Why Accops?

With Accops, organizations can consolidate, secure & speed up access to their IT infrastructure through the proprietary End User Computing Virtualization and Secure Remote Access technologies built by Accops.


Single stop shop for all remote access and remote working solutions that organisations can require.

Simple to use

Simple, intuitive user interfaces and usage. Integrates with existing enterprise platforms and is easy to manage and administer.

Increased ROI

Lower TCOs and faster ROIs are proven benefits that organisations have enjoyed with the implementation of Accops platforms.
Industry reach

Accops has been implemented by 500+ international and domestic enterprises across industries. More so in today's work place changes, increasing number of companies are adopting remote work as the norm and Accops is the right solution for them to enable WFH / WFA.

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Key features


Remote access

Enable users to work from anywhere by providing secure remote connections to their office PCs.

Zero trust-based access

Enable zero trust model-based remote access at application layer to ensure maximum network security.

Empower BYOD users

Secure any business application and make it available for access from any personal laptops, desktops or smartphones.

Multi-factor authentication

Integrated strong authentication through multiple token options (SMS, Email, mobile app, pc software) or bio-metrics adds a strong layer of security.

Device entry control

Endpoint device scanning to allow access only from compliant and uncompromised devices.

Simple management

Complete remote manageability of devices, including installations, up-gradations, OS patching etc., reducing burden on IT teams.

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