The CI/CX Stack

We work with the global leaders in the field of customer interaction and customer experience management to drive Vion's CI/CX Stack. The stack helps deliver the following benefits for our clients.

Interactions driven by contact centers

We power customer interactions across industries whether its a captive setup for an enterprise or it is a full service BPO catering to a diverse set of customers across industries. We have worked with enterprises of all sizes and have just the right solutions to meet your interaction challenges.

Vion Stack Contact CEnter

Intelligence and business automation

We work with the leading technology in the field of customer engagement automation powered by Freddy, the most intuitive AI tool in the field of customer engagement. Yes we bring to you the world leader - Freshworks. 

  • Freshdesk
  • Freshworks CRM
  • Freshchat
  • Freshservice
Vion Freshwrorks

Gamify insights and performance feedbacks

In this current era of WFH and WFA associates, its been a trying time to evaluate, monitor and motivate team members. Gamification is being adopted by leading customer service centers and teams to better communicate metrics and in doing so, make the individual more intent in delivering even better customer services.

Vion Datagamz

Be mobile. But stay connected.

Mobile workforce and mobile work is increasingly becoming the norm for conducting all sorts of activities. Both the customer and the service provider are mobile today. So its inevitable to have solutions that augment this mobility. Our mobility solutions - 

Vion Mobility
Vion BrightPAttern
Omni-channel cloud contact center on SaaS

Bright Pattern allows your business to engage with customers across all channels and effortlessly switch between channels without losing the context of the conversation.
Delivers unparalleled ROI, uptime and ease of use and ease of setup. Brings out of the box integrations to all leading ERPs/CRMs and utilities.

Vion Aspect
Best of breed call center solution

Aspect’s Contact Management suite of contact centre software applications support both automated and live inbound and outbound communications in India and throughout the world, across voice, SMS, email, chat, social, and mobile interactions.

Vion Genesys
Contact center software for organisations of any size

Today's contact centers handle much more than mere phone calls. Customers expect to be supported wherever they are and they want it real time and in a channel of their choice. Genesys provides best in class platform to address these expectations.

Vion Verint
Proven customer engagement solutions

Accelerating innovation is more than our heritage—it’s our passion. We offer integrated, yet open solutions and expertise for simplifying, modernizing, and automating customer engagement across the enterprise.

Vion Freshworks
Easy, simple and AI driven

Easy to use Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that automate your critical business functions. Trusted by almost 40,000 customers globally. Try the Freshworks experience today to see how you can acquire and retain customers for life

Vion Datagamz
Game your way to better performance metrics

Introducing an award winning product from DataGamz – a gamification tool to propel the performance of your entire contact center or back office teams. DataGamz’ aim is to radically improve the engagement and productivity of contact center and back office teams by helping them connect better with each other and with their customers.

Vion Accops
Work from home or work from anywhere

Home is the new workplace. Remote working is the mainstream mode of working, but it brings with a set of unique challenges related to data security, secure access to business apps, ease of use. Accops will help you enable your remote workforce to perform even better than their work from office days.

Vion Zappix
Self service IVR solutions for the mobile go-getters

Zappix Visual IVRS platform is a leading customer engagement solution that presents the ubiquitous IVR onto a mobile screen in a visual form. So that you don't have to listen to options and then make the key presses. Instead "see" the options and select what you want, the Zappix way.

Vion product lines for the complete customer lifecycle

In keeping with our objective of enabling our customers to better engage with their customers across all stages of the customer's lifecycle with the enterprise, we have built our own product lines dedicated for the SME/SMB segment, which is the fastest growing business eco-system in the world today.

  • VionCRM
  • VionDESK
  • XVioNow
  • VioniBOT
  • SAI m-IVR
Vion Products Suite


Smart, intelligent CRM that can be available on a public or private cloud. Integrates with Vion's communication platforms.

Efficient sales automation

Follow sales leads, convert faster. Sales cycles are reduced and win rates are improved.

Increased profitability

Process bottlenecks are removed, easy escalations, on-time resolutions help improve business profitability.

Better engagement

All round 360° view of every customer, helps in better understanding your customer and thereby building better engagement experiences.


Intelligent and rules driven support ticketing and resolution tracking platform. Again available on both private or public cloud.


Access customer requests or complaints from across multiple input channels - web, call, SMS, chat.

Single repository

VionDESK will be the single source of registering all customer complaints and tracking all resolutions.

Faster resolution

The platform aids your agents to handle customer complaints / tickets faster and resolve even faster.


Mobile phone based contact center.

Anywhere contact center

X-VIONow is a interactive mobile based application used for providing mobile contact centre features. The application is integrated with telco service provider to provide API based calling facility. Agents can bring in their own devices login with the provided credentials and they would be good to go. The same application is capable to integrate with WhatsApp and SMS service providers like Nexmo.


AI driven chatbot that is integratable with speech technologies to provide natural language processing.


VioniBOT can be integrated with existing client side enterprise systems. 


We can configure NLP based input processing to provide a prompt-free voice interaction to customers.


Give a 24x7 non-stop service capability to your customer facing business operations and processes.


SAI mIVR is a state-of-the-art IVRS platform that enables intelligent self-service routines for your business.

Reduce call times

Self-service routines, if designed properly, can help reduce call handling times to a large extent.

Reduce agent loads

Self-service, un-manned operations helps to reduce agent loads and enables to better handle critical customer queries.

Increased FCRs

SAI mIVR helps increase the First Call Resolution rates of your contact center.

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