SAI (Software Assisted Interface)

Helps organizations to digitalize the traditional
audio IVR and seamlessly enrich customer

Plug & Play Model

SAI comes with a natively multichannel
communication system for interaction between
callers and agents

SAI is a one-stop visual IVR solution for customer
care centre that provides best-in class self-service capabilities to customers

  • Solution enables customers to contact agents through multiple channels, such as:

Mobile apps

Embedded real-time communication


Web chat

Instant messaging

Social networks

  • Call Handling Time Reduction: By personalizing customer information and offering easy navigation, Visual IVR enables callers to find what they are looking for, with ease. Thus, reducing the call handling time by over 60 seconds, on average.
  • Low Inbound Call Volume: Thanks to the self-service features of Visual IVR! Number of calls that reach the customer service centre is greatly reduced, as more customers resolve their issues through self-service offerings.
  • For businesses, the SAI comes as a boon that offers seamless benefits to customers through its much applauded best-in-class self-service offerings.
  • Customer care centres across the globe are systematically adopting SAI for not just to enrich customer experience, but also to catalyse operational productivity and to accelerate strategic business growth