Provides users highly actionable insights on critical business decisions, actions, and strategies

Reduce CRM-related expenses by 80%

Engage customers at every point of contact and optimize all opportunities

Total control over deployment over private
or public cloud

Improve business sales by :-

Enables companies to bolster conversions

Turn leads into customers

Drive innovation in product development and customer care

Better Sales Performance : – The best CRM software allows you to follow quality leads and reduce time wastage following prospects. Sales cycles are reduced and win rates are improved. Moreover, you can check customer buying histories to identify potential leads, upsell opportunities, or repeat customers. CRM software also helps identify your most valuable customers as well as create a customer reward system or personalized communication to increase engagement and conversion. Furthermore, you can easily pinpoint weak links in the sales process—like unanswered emails or calls that are not followed up—and address the issues at once.

Increased Profitability and Efficiency : – With CRM, employees can access important data quickly to serve customer needs or address a critical business process faster. For instance, a customer is complaining about a defective product. Customer Service can ask for the product’s serial number and quickly access the Logistics’ database to record the defective batch, while Logistics can make the necessary replacement. Meantime, Finance is computing the cost implication of this minor activity to the overall monthly overhead. Customer engagement such as emails and calls can also be tracked, and necessary actions can be rerouted to the right department to immediately address concerns.