Vioni bot

AI Based / Machine

Handling Customers

Integration with enterprise

Available 24*7

Natural Language

This is the heading

Provides 100% satisfaction to customers

Feasibility of integrating natural language with open learner model requires:

Keeping the user “on topic”

Database connectivity

Event driven by database changes

Web integration

An appropriate corpus of semantic reasoning knowledge

  • Chatbots are becoming essential for a well-rounded and solid customer service strategy. As you can see, chatbots provide responses and help that can either strengthen or substitute the need for two-way human intervention. This cuts operational costs and also leads to much greater levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, today’s chatbots have become invaluable tools for customer service operations. They are not only streamlining and optimizing customer experiences at every stage in the service process but are also proving to be helpful aids to customer service representatives.
  • Chatbots handle thousands of customer queries at once in multiple languages. They can not only work with several languages, but they can even understand different intents. This makes them very versatile and useful, especially for global companies. Sometimes it’s hard to find speakers of some languages, so these bots are a good alternative. While they cannot fully replace fluent human agents in all circumstances, they reduce the need to employ multiple language speakers as staff at all times.