Automating customer facing journeys

Autonom8 is a low-code, AI-driven business process automation platform that can help you design enterprise process work-flows with a “customer 1st objective”.
Available on a “pay per use” model and being a cloud based service, Autonom8 can be make your enterprise autonomous. 

Autonom8 Advantages

Get the exact fit of a custom built software with the scalability, stability & security of an enterprise cloud SaaS platform. 

As a business user you can directly participate in the journey designing process. Every journey step can be deployed, executed & verified instantly. So there are no surprises later on.

Go from Idea to Live in a matter of hours to weeks depending on how complex the journey is. 

Customer 1st

Autonom8's journey builder has a primary focus on making the customer engagement with the enterprise as seamless, fast and effective as possible.


Autonom8 is a 1st in using a Low-code, WYSIWYG visual editor to design the complete customer journey inclusive of the User Interfaces, Backend Process Automations, External Integrations or Omni-channel interactions.

Robust & Flexible

The Autonom8 platform being hosted out of the GCP Cloud is inherently secure and robust to handle humungous enterprise processing loads, at the same time offers flexibility to make on-the-fly process / journey changes.
Autonom8 - BPM Platform

Enterprise software development

With Autonom8 there is no over-runs in timelines, costs, no feature deviations.

Everything is transparent and you are part of the whole development process, hence the output is exactly what you want. 

The Autonom8 Way


Faster Customer Responses

Automating customer journeys helps to drastically improve response times across all customer facing journeys. Faster responses leads to happier customers.


Make your processes and services and support desk operations / processes accessible to all your customers across all possible communication channels - Voice, SMS, Email, Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Websites - anywhere they are, you can be there.

Break-less Journeys

Make your customer facing journeys seamless and non-stop. All steps that your customer has to undergo to avail your services or interact with you, must be one smooth continuous flow, without the customer having to go to different portals or communication channels or use different devices. End-to-end journeys in 1 smooth flow.

On-demand Flexibility

Autonom8 allows you to change journeys / process flows on the fly. Since there is no coding, development or complex database restructuring, hence any change or tweak that you want to make on customer journeys, can be done instantly without any downtimes or stoppages. Test the flows on sandboxes and deploy for live usage in a jiffy.

Robust & Secure

Autonom8 is hosted out of the GCP Cloud and brings with it the inherent security and robustness of the Google cloud environment. Hence your customer processes are always available and scalable and fast.

Faster Go-live

Owing to the visual, low-code development platform, building enterprise software has never been this easy and fast. Most important business users can be part of this development and ensure that the end product is as per their requirements. Avoiding unending delays and going live in days or weeks.
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