Gamify performance metrics

Whether your agents are working from home or office, Datagamz will help you monitor, manage & motivate your agents to perform better, engage with intent & boost overall productivity & customer experience.

Gamification - trending

Gamification of key business operations has been around for quite some time now, especially in the online retail and customer engagement space. At Vion, we are helping you adopt gamification for internal engagements. We bring to you Datagamz, the world leader in gamifying performance metrics.


Communicate key insights to your teams in a manner they understand and relate to easily. Helps you get your message across.


Rewards and recognition are key to motivation. Gamification helps you reward and recognize performances across the board in a very inclusive manner.


Keep measuring the effects of gamification, get newer insights, communicate, motivate and repeat.
Datagamz - Application Areas

Application areas

Datagamz is a proven platform across varied application areas ranging from BPOs, sales operations and customer engagement campaigns. It has helped in bettering key parameters like NPS, CSAT scores, revenue outflows, conversions, etc. The display of metrics will be more attuned towards savvy computer games, rather than plain old pie-charts or histograms.

Key Features



Out-of-the-box integrations are designed to help operations managers and IT teams build a 360-degree view of performance across a variety of platforms, sites and systems.


Use our list of pre-built reports to correlate all of the data or create your own personalized reports using the extensible BI toolkit.


Combine the performance analytics of your contact centre into live, unified games, that can listen and react to changing employee behaviour.

Report and adapt

The advanced notification mechanism provides real-time reporting on the impact of games and challenges, so that you can adapt and incorporate changes on the fly and see the benefits.
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